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D. Mitchell Locker

D. Mitchell


May 4th


Happy Month of May Everyone!


I have once again provided work packets for each grade level. Remember, if you cannot print them, do the work from your device on a separate piece of paper.

I appreciate those of you who have been doing the work provided to you. I understand how difficult this must be for everyone. Please know how much I miss you and want to be back in room 18 with you. 



oops-- typo  *one week work packet*

Week of April 27


Dear Students,

  Today I added a one work work packet for each grade level. You will need help from an adult or older sibling with most of the work. Just try your best and do what you can. You can take a picture of your work and upload it to Seesaw or text the picture to me so I can see how you are doing. If you cannot print the packet, do the work on a separate piece of paper.


I soooo miss being in the classroom with you. 

Ms. Mitchell

April 13, 2020


Dear Students and Families,

 After a week of Spring break we are continuing with our work through distant learning. On this site you will find work packets for your grade level. If you are unable to print them out, use a separate piece of paper to do your work. Save all your work from day to day. You can take a picture of it and text it to me at 562-448-2267.

I miss all of you and we will continue to try to do our best!


Ms. Mitchell


There will also be work posted on Seesaw.

We will have Zoom meetings which I will notify you by text with the days and times. 

Week 3 Packets


There are packets attached to this site for each grade level to download and work on for week 3. All students will need support to complete the work. Text me at 562-448-2267 with any questions. You can text me a picture of their work as they complete it. Students can bring all work to school with them when we resume class. 


Ms. Mitchell

Online reading resource



 I have signed our class up for epic! It is an online resource for books. You can use a phone to read along or listen to stories. the class code is uel7044. Simply go on  enter the class code and then click on you name.

Current Assignments

For ALL students- states of matter science packet

This is for all the students in Room 18. Fun activities to follow up from our Zoom lesson, 

Assigned: 05/12/20 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/26/20